rumors caos marzo 2012


molti giocatori di warhammer 40000 sono in trepida attesa!!!! freschi freschi ecco i rumors spifferati ai lettori di adeptus dorica!

 (ATTENZIONE: un aggiornamento piu recente lo trovi in questo post del 29/03/2012)

Rumoured Release Schedule

Q2-Q3 First 6E codex, released just before 6E launch or first codex after launch

General Codex Information

Author: Phil Kelly or Matt Ward

State: Books is done and almost at the printers (Source Darnok), book is done and should be leaving the printers shortly to be stored for distribution (Source theDarkGeneral)

Other: Will be Hardcover

Legions said to be split into 3 books

-Rumours on the split are mixed at the moment. One says the split I have below, the other that there will be a Legions, Renegades and Daemons book which I find allot more plausible. Keeping the current setup just in case and because it involves all the Legion info anyway

Legion Book Specific

Khorne Book

World Eaters (Khorne)

Marked Dreads

Daemon Engines

Khornate characters can nullify psychic abilities aimed at them

Get Bolters

Has to engage in some kind of combat every turn or suffer a random d6 penalty result

Can only have 1 Havoc squad, can take more by "trading in" something else

Having a Khorne Daemon Prince means no Scouts

"Gladiator Themed Unit" Must keep killing in order to stop a timer in their heads from killing them, might be related to the d6 penalty mentioned above

Word Bearers (Chaos Undivided)

Dark Apostles can be split off as squad leaders


Daemonancer (Unit champion)

Summoning Daemons from the Warp, allowed re-rolls to scatter and new mishap chart

Can take Marked units but with restrictions

Turn 1 Daemon Summoning

Can only have 1 Heavy Support choice but get other bonuses to offset this

Nightlords (Chaos Undivided)

Hit & Run


Counter Attack (For Elite Units)

Jump Pack

Can only have 1 Heavy Support choice but get other bonuses to offset this

Raptors are Night Lords

Slaanesh and Nurgle Book

Emperor's Children (Slaanesh)

Lash changed to be more like Daemon version

More heavy weapons for larger units

Better bikes

Counter Charge

Higher Initiative

Chosen will be faster

d6 result said to be very harsh

Soul Shieldsman Unit, possibly an upgrade for Veterans

Sonic weaponry

Deathguard (Nurgle)

Feel No Pain and Blight Grenades for Terminators

Poisoned attacks ignore Armour Saves on a roll of a 6

Nurgle Flamers can be made poisoned 3+ or 2+ (possibly through a special character).

Plague Knives for Chosen/Possessed Poison 4+ Ignores Armour on 6s

Stoic special rule: Can't do sweeping advances

Iron Warriors (Chaos Undivided)

Terminators have access to Thunder Hammer & Storm Shield

Iron-Fire Cannon (Thunder Fire Cannon)

Chaos Marine squads may take an additional heavy weapon once past 10 models

Siege Specialists: Tank Hunters and reduce Cover Saves on enemy units

Tzeentch Book

Thousand Sons (Tzeentch)

New Psychic Powers, one of which can remove an entire squad on a failed stat test

Mindless, need command figure or suffer a d6 result to guide their actions

Sorcerers get something similar to a Psychic Hood but called something else

Higher strength/lower Ap weapons

Alpha Legion (Chaos Undivided)

Infiltrate upgrade for much of army


Temporary control of enemy squads/vehicles

Might be able to re-roll scenario

Greatest access to Imperial style vehicles

May force enemies to take Ld tests before they move or shoot

Black Legion (Chaos Undivided)

HQs allow broader access to all unit types, but lack of better universal special rule

Greatest selection of units/vehicles

All Book Specific

Choice of HQ affects what types of units/marks available to your army

CSM Retain Bolter, Bolt Pistol & Close Combat weapon

New Heavy weapons, no Plasma Cannon

Chaos units have built in negatives depending on God


2-for-1 HQ choices that can be split off, similar to Haemonculi, Priests and Wolf Guard



-Cult dedicated lists only

Chaos Dreadnought

-Remade into plastic

-No longer random

-Can take Marks

-Can't be Venerable

-Chainfist, Thunder Hammer, Power Scourge

-Said to be one in the 6E starter set


-New Upgrades


-More upgrade options

-Jump Packs

-Terminator Armour

-All types of Combi-Weapons

-Twin Lightning Claws

-Certain HQ choices may be able to take a Chosen squad as retinue

Legion Specific Mounts

Disc mounted Rubrics

Beast mounted Plague Marines

Seekers mounted Noise Marines

Brazen Knights

-Skull Champions riding on Juggernauts

-May be Apocalypse formation yet to be released


Scout Unit

-Not available to World Eaters

God specific Daemons

-Same as Daemons codex but slight points adjustments to reflect the ability to summon them and 6E changes

Rubric Marines (Thousand Sons)

-New psychic powers instead of weapon options

-More upgrades for unit and Sorcerer

Dedicated Transports

Fast Attack

Assault Marines

-Can be marked

-Berserkers with jump packs


-Larger packs and able to take Marks


-Remade into plastic

-Night Lords only


-Nurgle Bikes, have Stoic rule so may not perform sweeping advances (Wouldn't this make them T6? Now that'd be annoying to kill)

-Attack Bikes or similar may be included


-Something "sort of" like a Landspeeder may be available

Heavy Support


-Different versions for Legions and Marks


-Maximum unit size increased to 4

-May take none energy-based weapons

-Remade in Plastic or Finecast

Daemon Engines

-3 per FOC slot

-Might be a Tzeentchian one


-New Legion specific LR with higher transport capacity (possibly 15)

-Described as a "warped version of one of the Imperial versions"

-Version of Power of the Machine Spirit


-Marked Legions

Monstrous Creature

-Not Greater Daemon but can have Marks

-Not all Legions can take one, Night Lords and Alpha Legion can not


-More weapon options similar to Razorbacks

-Twin Linked Plasmagun turret with single Plasmagun sponsons

"Thunderfire Cannon"

-Legions may have access to a Daemonic weapons platform comparable to the Thunderfire Cannon (Iron-fire Cannon mentioned in the Legions section?)

Special Characters


-Eternal Warrior


-Unit upgrade, presumably for a Bike squad



Horus Axiamand


"Red Angel"


Unknown Raptor Lord (Night Lords?)

Kharn the Betrayer

-Eternal Warrior

-4+ Inv save

-"His bloodshed knows no bounds"


-Psychic power that can't be stopped with Psychic Hood


-Eternal Warrior

Lucius the Eternal

Slaanesh Dreadnought

Iron Warrior character with servo harness

Model Releases, 4 Waves planned

Daemonancer model

Iron Warriors character with huge servo harness

Plastic Plaguebearers

Plastic Plaguemarines

Plastic Dreadnought

Obliterators remade in finecast or plastic

Plastic Raptors

New Plastic Chaos Bike kit (Rumoured Attack Bike?)

Legion specific heads and shoulder sprue

Power Armour and Terminator bits could be separate

Cult terminators have been sighted, but could be conversion or above mentioned kit

New Kharn the Betrayer

"Bulkier and still ferocious in motion"

Special Character box including:

Horus Axiamand


Unknown Raptor Lord (Night Lords?)

Kharn the Betrayer



Lucius the Eternal


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Mr. Smith ha detto...

CHe sorpresa!!! finalmene ti sei deciso a sputare il rospo!!!! :)
so che voi sapete cose che non non possiamo sapere!!!! :)
grazie per i rumors!!!!

sopratutto tutti in una volta e non con il contagocce !!

Anonimo ha detto...

Sempre mitici!!

Dorico ha detto...

ho postato il link su Tilea per diffondere il verbo! :)

Gargan ha detto...

ho scoperto un bel blog!
complimenti anche per i vecchi post!
ho visto i vostri eserciti ed avete un alto livello pittorico ed un infinità di miniature...
ma siete un associazione o un negozio?

Gargan ha detto...

ho scoperto un bel blog!
complimenti anche per i vecchi post!
ho visto i vostri eserciti ed avete un alto livello pittorico ed un infinità di miniature...
ma siete un associazione o un negozio?

Adeptus Dorica ha detto...

nessuna associazione, nessun negozio... solo un veterano gruppo di amici che gioca dalla seconda edizione ;)

dalamar81 ha detto...

Che spettacolo! Una mega raccolta di rumors con in aggiunta una grande quantità di nuovi rumors!!

Miria diventerai il primo blogger di ogni mio giorno (Faeit passa 2°)

Mi associo ai complimenti per il blog

P.S. Attento....dorico ti tiene d'occhio^^

Adeptus Dorica ha detto...

intanto nuovi rumors girano per la rete ed ggiorno qui:

nuovi rescelti con reattori dorsali, posseduti volanti con ali, assaltatori con jump pack e RAPTORS (che dovrebbero essere solo peri signori della notte)

le truupe dei 4 vari culti poterbbero cambiare slot (ricorda una vecchia versione che da elite diventavano scelta truppa se si faceva il monoculto)

i posseduti non avranno piu la tabella random delle possessioni

la legione alfa fara infiltrare i veicoli... quindi aspettiamoci che arriveranno dai fianchi!

spade a catena dei seguaci di khorne che saranno dilanianti

lanciamissili havoc avrà due colpi..

fruste come quel dei codex demoni

e sopratutto ci saranno nuove uscite su FW (ma di questo parleremo con un post piu avanti!)

Mr.smith ha detto...

Insomma ci sono alcune conferme!
quindi sarà il prox il codex del caos?

Dorico ha detto...

L'uscita sembra essere sempre piu vicina! Carina l idea di aggiornare i rumors nei post..cosi tutti possono contribuire

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